The new normal ?
The New Normal ?
The New Normal ?
The New Normal ?
15 Dec. 2020 - 15 Feb. 2021

The New Normal Berlin project is an initiative of Séverine Galiano, Art Consultant and Project Director, in cooperation with Dr. Ingrid Wagner, curator and historian of art, Project Coordinator at the Senate Department of Culture and Europe Berlin the last 29 years. The concept was born, following various exchanges that both women had with artists and art scene actors living in Berlin or elsewhere during the COVID-19 lockdown, in March 2020.

26 ARTISTS FOR A MULTI-MEDIUM EXHIBITION. An open talk about the reflections born during the Pandemic / Covid-19, the dialogue and new vision. As well the streaming and the perspective of art presentation in the digital space.

It is an experimental project in two episodes. One week show in the Haus der Statistik, Berlin, in October 2020, and 2 months online show.


Video Presentation

The New Normal Team

  • Montage of the exhibition in the Haus der Statistik
    Online exhibition programming and website
    Sound Design & Arrangement

    Radu Gota
  • Logo and and graphic design

    Matt Harris
  • Social media management

    Nadia Medianistik
  • Film/video

    Adrian Angehrn
  • Assistant Montage

    Philipp Fauser
  • Assistant Coordination

    Anna Mensonides